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As a hypnotherapist I have had the pleasure of meeting literally thousands of people over the last 25 years with problems both big and small. I’ve helped people overcome weight problems, smoking habits, drug, alcohol and a number of other unhealthy habits. It has been a great pleasure and sense of accomplishment to see people change their lives in a very timely manner, many literally overnight. Although I deal with these types of problems often I see a much bigger and much more far reaching problem that has grown especially over the last generation. That is the problem of core beliefs and conformity. That is to say conformity to the point that we lose individual creativity. When our core beliefs tell us, that’s it that’s as far as we can go then the results are just as our core beliefs say. What if the Wright brothers believed what everyone else believed about man being able to fly? If they conformed to the same belief just take a moment, realize what it would be like today without airplanes. We could write pages of stories of people who changed the world because of individual creativity from a core belief that simply said “I Can”. I have found great pleasure in helping people with habitual problems and the greatest of all is helping change habitual thinking, changing those core belief’s from I can’t to I can and I will. Taking stress out of someone’s life and introducing health wealth and happiness is my greatest joy and achievement. We get emails and phone calls from people that have had and are having life changing experiences and events.                          ..Mark Alexander.

With our own work and the newest scientific breakthroughs and understanding the human mind, brain wave activity, it’s chemistry, energy and processes we now for fact can be utilized to facilitate change in the human brain for the better and thereby giving the body a better chance to be healthy. We plan to do our best to continue our research in these areas and continue to bring health, happiness and abundance by helping to reshape our thinking so we can let it happen as it was meant to be. Let us prosper and be in health. Belief that simply says “I Can”.

.. Mark Alexander.


That is the problem of core beliefs and conformity. That is to say conformity to the point that we lose individual creativity.

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