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Destiny 77

Florence Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis and Relaxation Techniques

Florence Nail Salon

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Jan 01, 2015 by Randy May

I am writing this note to let you know just how much I appreciate your Transformational Hypnotherapy products. I have been using several … Weight Loss, Confidence/Self-Esteem, Unlimited Motivation and most recently, I have been experiencing the beta version of Command the Law of Attraction subliminal therapy. In my 67 years on this earth, I have experienced many forms of therapy, yet I have never experienced anything as successful and with such amazing results in such a short period of time! I have used the Weight Loss sessions on a daily basis, consistently and am averaging 2-3 lb. decrease in my weight on a weekly basis. I have used the Confidence/Self-Esteem sessions in the same manner and feel like a new person in all social and business encounters … no longer am I the “wall flower” that is afraid to be seen or heard! I’m engaging in conversations with people on a daily basis that are giving me positive feedback like, “man, what has happened to you … I didn’t realize you had so much to say” or “I’m really glad we got this chance to visit … what you say makes a lot of sense” and the most enjoyable responses have been the “yes, I’d like to know more about your business!” I have also been giving myself a daily dose of the subliminal Command The Law of Attraction, normally first thing in the AM, and I am amazed at how happy, joyous and free I feel for the rest of the day! People say to me, OMG, you are always so happy … what is your secret?

I just can’t wait to tell people how Self-Hypnosis Transformational Mp3 recordings by Mark Alexander has helped to change my life! I have had many personal conversations with Mark and have yet to regret even one of them! What I think, I attract and Mark has given me tools to speak directly to my subconscious mind and transform old, less desirable messages into new, positive messages that guide me to further my expansion of thought infinitely! As I continue to converse with more people, I am finding more and more of them want what I now have and want me to help them get it. Watch out Warren Buffet and Bill Gates … I’m building a business to challenge your financial prowess!

I look forward to seeing new products as they are available and continuing to participate as a member of your affiliate program.

Response: Thanks!

Command the Law Of Attraction (CLOA)

Dec 01, 2014 by E. Zane Allen

Since I’ve been listening to Mark Alexander’s Daytime version of Command the Law of Attraction (CLOA) - everyday has been a new adventure.
My business has changed dramatically from a daily tough grind to obtaining smoother, easier results. I have went from 15 to 20+ small orders daily to 7-12 much larger orders producing higher gross and net revenues.
My improved results have allowed me to cut my working hours by 20%. I now enjoy more Quality of life with my family.
Stress and worry are no longer part of my life. One early morning a week after I started listening to (CLOA), I had what many would consider a financial crisis. I felt no pressure. Because of my belief in God and knowing the (LOA) is working in my life, I knew somehow everything would fall into place and line up with the universe. About 2-3 hours after my initial setback I received an order that was more than triple the amount of the setback.
As a result of my daily listening to (CLOA), I feel that I am harnessing the principles of the Law of Attraction as well as “Think and Grow Rich” and “As a Man Thinketh”. This recording has commanded the (LOA) to a new level in my life.
I have always believed “What the Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe – The Mind of Man Can Achieve”
Thank God for giving Mark the wisdom to put these recordings together. Mark – Thank you for waking up these dormant beliefs inside of me.
I hope all that hear and utilize these recordings have phenomenal results as I have.
E. Zane Allen

Hypnotherapy Products

Nov 17, 2014 by Sue

Love the mp3 on the plan. As one who is using the products & getting awesome results, I am very excited for what\'s ahead. I hear people everywhere talk about the problems they have that they can\'t find a solution too. Can\'t sleep, can\'t lose weight, want to quit smoking, can\'t understand why they have such bad luck, etc and knowing we can help them is an awesome feeling. As I continue to learn the Mark skills and put them into use with this company, I know there is nothing but success ahead! Awesome! Skills and simplicity you can\'t lose! Thank you Mark Walden!!

Destiny 77 , USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 I am writing this note to let you know just how much I appreciate your Transformational Hypnotherapy products. I have been using several … Weight Loss, Confidence/Self-Esteem, Un